Are you looking for the perfect place to host your next meeting or conference in Greater Copenhagen? Hotel Marina is a conference hotel in Vedbæk, north of Copenhagen, which is situated in beautiful surroundings.

Conference Room 1

In our largest facilities, conference room 1, we can host up to 250 people for conferences or other events. The way you want to arrange the room influences how many we can seat:

  • Reception: 250
  • Cinema: 225
  • Class room: 160
  • Round table: 120
  • Board: 60
  • U-table: 50

The conference room can be divided into two smaller rooms of 83 sqm that can accommodate up to 75 participants each.

Conference Room 2

In conference room 2, we can accommodate up to 150 participants for your event. The 120 sqm are designed according to your needs so that the space is maximized to your event type:

  • Reception: 150
  • Cinema: 130
  • Round table: 80
  • Class room: 75
  • Board: 50
  • U-table: 40

The conference room can be divided into two equally large rooms of 60 sqm that are perfect for a small party or a medium-sized meeting.

Conference Room 3

The smallest of our three conference rooms at Hotel Marina is 102 sqm. We arrange the room according to your needs.

  • Reception: 80
  • Cinema: 50
  • Round table: 50
  • Class room: 38
  • Board: 36
  • U-table: 30

This is our most flexible conference room as it can be divided into five various sizes. You can host your event in everything from 24 to 54 sqm or the full size of the conference room, 102 sqm.

Host your conference here

At Hotel Marina, we ensure that your conference gets the best facilities. Tell us what your needs are and we will make sure that your event will be just as you want it to be. We are ready to welcome you and your guests in our flexible facilities.







Meetings and team building

Do you need a simple meeting? Should activities be included? Is it a formal or down-to-earth meeting? Do you want to focus on team building? Contact Hotel Marina so that we can help you coordinate the facilities for your next meeting.

Are you a regular?

To companies that have many stayovers at Hotel Marina, we offer a fixed, low price. If you attend many meetings and conferences at the hotel or north of Copenhagen, then it is ideal to get a discount. We make sure that you and your colleagues enjoy your stay, and you will of course also get a personal contact for your discount agreement.