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Comfortable hotel by Oresund

We look forward to welcoming you at Hotel Marina in Vedbæk, Greater Copenhagen. We offer great rooms at an amazing location, some with ocean view over the Oresund. Hotel Marina is the ideal choice for most travelers. Families and couples have great opportunities to enjoy nature, culture, and attractions. Business travelers will have a nice base during their stay as it is possible to host meetings and conferences and there are easy transport options to Copenhagen. At the hotel in Vedbæk, you will get free access to a fitness room, WiFi, parking, and “hyggelige” surroundings.

Attractions surrounding Vedbæk

Vedbæk is located in the northern part of Greater Copenhagen, on the border between Copenhagen and North Zealand. Across the road from Hotel Marina is the harbour. Next to this is Vedbæk beach where a wooden pier stretches out into the ocean. 20 minutes from Hotel Marina is the amusement park and themed garden Dyrehavsbakken. Just 5 minutes from the hotel is Jægersborg Hegn and Dyrehave, which is part of the UNESCO heritage side in North Zealand, the par force hunting landscapes.

Hotel near Copenhagen

Hotel Marina’s surroundings are beautiful and full of activities. But the hotel is also located in short distance from Copenhagen. The city center can be reached with the coastal railway a few hundred meters from the hotel. There are also direct lines to Copenhagen Airport from Vedbæk station.




Attractions in Vedbæk

Hotel Marina is situated in beautiful, natural surroundings and is located in short distance to lots of exciting attractions. Among these are the UNESCO-heritage Dyrehaven and the amusement park Bakken. Also, the public transportation nearby offers easy access to sights such as Louisiana, Kronborg Castle, and everything in central Copenhagen.

Meetings and conferences

Do you want to host meetings or conferences in beautiful surroundings near Copenhagen? Then Hotel Marina is the ideal choice. This is a wonderful conference hotel in Vedbæk, and here we make sure that you get a personal and professional service during your event.







Stay at Hotel Marina

Hotel Marina is beautifuly situated on the waterfront by the marina in Vedbæk, north of Copenhagen. Enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings during the day and relax with a glas of wine by the fireplace in the evening. It’s also a perfect location to host your next big event.

Additional guests

In all rooms, it only costs an extra DKK 100 per night for an additional person in the room. In family rooms, DKK 250 is added for the third and fourth beds. Children between the ages 0 and 2 that sleep in their parents’ bed stay for free. It is possible to get a baby crib with pillow and duvet for just DKK 100.


The breakfast can be added to the room for DKK 130 per person. Children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old cost only DKK 70.

Monday to Friday: 6.30 – 10.00 am
Weekend and holidays: 7.00 – 10.00 am


BestPrice bookings cannot be cancelled as they are non-refundable. FlexPrice reservations booked directly through one of Hotel Marina’s own sales channels can be cancelled until 2.00 pm on the day of arrival here. If you have booked your stayover through a third-party, such as a traveling agency, you need to contact this supplier

Check-in and out

Check-in is possible from 2.00 pm. Please check out no later than 11.00 am. If need be, please ask the reception if it is possible to check-in early or check-out late upon arrival. It costs an additional DKK 100 for checking in early and/or DKK 200 for late check out (until 1.00 pm).


The reception is staffed 24/7 so you can always come down to the reception and talk with our personnel. You can also catch us on phone +45 45 89 17 11 or mail


If you require more than 5 rooms, you will need to make a group reservation. By doing so, we ensure that all information is correct and you will receive the best price possible. Complete this form and our team will contact you as soon as possible!

Lost & Found

We keep all lost and found items for 4 weeks. Following which, any items with visible serial numbers, such as electronics, jewelry and other valuables are handed over to the police’s lost property office. Everything else is then donated to charity. If you have forgotten something at the hotel, please notify us by e-mail The e-mail should include information such as your name, the date of your stay, and the room number. If we have found any left items we can ship them to your address using a third-party supplier to ensure safe delivery.


There are 150 free parking spaces just outside of the hotel. To park for free, you must remember to register your car on the iPad at the reception. We also offer a limited number of parking spaces in a secure garage under the hotel, which is available for a small fee.


You are welcome to bring pets to the hotel. It costs an additional DKK 250 per night.

Reception opening hours

The reception at Hotel Marina is open 24/7.


All smoking is prohibited inside the hotel, but you are of course welcome to smoke outside. If you smoke inside the hotel, you will be charged DKK 1,500 for extra cleaning and an additional fee of DKK 5,000 if the fire alarm is set off.


You get free WiFi at the hotel, which you can easily connect to with all your devices.




Stayovers north of Copenhagen

Our wonderful Hotel Marina is situated north of Copenhagen with a view over the Oresund ocean. Here we welcome you to lovely facilities that ensure a nice base for you if you are participating in a conference or if you are going to explore the many, unique experiences that are available nearby.